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Latest News: HUGE wins Humanitarian Aid Pencil at D&AD

Latest Work: Il Makiage


Canada Goose

Chance Nothing

2016 Spring Launch

In 2016, Huge won the opportunity to launch Canada Goose's first line of Spring wear. The campaign included OOH, in-store, film and social.


P2P Payment Platform

Product Launch

We partnered with the nation's largest banks to help them name, build, brand and launch Zelle to become the #1 P2P payment platform in the country.


Fiat AF

Social Campaign

Selling cars to millennials is hard AF. So, the team created a social media campaign touting the selling points of the new Fiat without being annoying AF.


Ecomagination Photo Project

Social Charity Platform

GE wanted people to know more about their efforts to solve the biggest environmental challenges facing the world. Instead of creating an ad campaign, we created this award-winning way for GE to prove it.

Sony Music

Bob Dylan: Studio A Revisted

Interactive Experience

Sony asked the team to help launch Bob Dylan's new box set in a way that would connect with millennials on their terms. The result helped Sony exceed sales goals and take home numerous industry awards.


This Is Real

Launch Televison

Outspent 4-1 by other phone makers, the launch of the LG V30 couldn't just be another tech focused campaign. Our solution was to break through the noise and get real.

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